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Alex Katz

Posted by Katerina Chanioti on 30 Aug 2016

"It’s the instantaneous light. If you get it right then you get it in the total present tense. That’s what you’re going for, that’s eternity." Alex Katz

If you are planning on visiting the Serpentine Pavilion soon, we recommend that you add a bit of extra time to your visit to pop in the Serpentine Gallery as well, to see a small but interesting exhibition by the American artist Alex Katz.

His paintings, although his technique reminded me of pop art painters, result as a quick glance on people, buildings and landscapes, capturing the moment as a series of snapshots reflecting an ever-changing reality.

Natural light and artificial light are a main focus in his paintings. Sparkling water, glances of the moonlight through the trees or the lit windows of a dark building, light is not painted per se but it is always there. It is a reminder of how light becomes a main focus in a scene, and how much it every day influences us in life and, as a natural consequence, in art.