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The Bayleaf Story

Posted by Lighting Design International on 13 Jul 2011

It had always been my parents dream to build their own house and upon their retirement it was felt the time was right to embark on the project of a lifetime.  The three of us set about designing and implementing our new home near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The new location was bathed in natural sunlight all year round and we took endless inspiration from the spectacular countryside all around.

Did we really need to put a roof on the structure as we felt it looked at its most beautiful when you could see through the beams?

The central space was kept mostly open to keep as much of the structure on view as possible, with the lighting simulating the daylight effect behind the beams which we loved so much.

Why have curtains in the house when what we really wanted was the sun to light the house in the evenings?

House completed, only the garden to sort out now!