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The Painter's Room

Posted by Charlotte Svenson on 14 Mar 2022

Alongside the renovations taking place over lockdown, bringing back the Heritage and Art Deco features to the hotel's iconic Ballroom areas, Lighting Design International then worked with Interior Designer Bryan O'Sullivan on Claridge's new intimate bar, The Painter's Room.

Old 1930s photos inspired the interior design but with a modern twist. Within the centre of the space hangs a Deco Pendant located within a backlit ceiling. Tuneable white striplighting was integrated behind the glass ceiling, providing an even gentle illumination. This was also detailed within the separate elements that make up the pendant to provide further control, allowing us to tune the colour and levels of the lighting according to the time of day. A cooler, fresher colour temperature is used in the afternoon; this is then dimmed down and warmed up over the course of the evening to provide a warm and inviting ambience for the evening cocktail drinking scene.

The glow from two Deco lamps marks the ends of the bar. Linear lighting is seamlessly integrated to gently wash down the front of the bar, highlighting the fluted detailing of the blush-coloured stone and providing a gentle, low-level ambience within the space. Again, tuneable white lighting was used to integrate within the back bar bottle display shelves. A slightly cooler colour temperature was selected to bring out the freshness of the properties in the glass; this glow uplights to illuminate the bottles on display.

One of the other notable features of the room is the artwork by British artist Annie Morris. Painted murals of characters run across the walls; within the centre opposite the bar is her stained glass artwork. It was essential to bring this to life and show off the colours, contrasting with the simple lines of sketches on the walls. The details of this piece were not known until later on in the project, so we needed to ensure we could incorporate the best lighting solution to complement the piece. A few options were trialled and tested, with the final solution being one of the simplest, lighting around the perimeter on all four sides.

The Painter's Room is the perfect location for those who find themselves in Mayfair needing a refreshment. The bar is open from 5 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays and from 3 pm Friday and Saturday.


Images provided by Claridge's Hotel