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Light Test in Dakar, Senegal

Posted by Alex Bittiner on 1 Jul 2016

LDI recently made a visit to Dakar, Senegal for a thrilling new project in the centre of the city.

The purpose of the trip was to test on site the exterior lighting concept using a range of light fittings which we brought with us.

Part of the brief was to propose a distinctive light feature on the crown of the building making it visible across the night skyline.

Testing the feature light involved setting up 4 separate installations which were individually switched on one after the other by electricians on top of the building while we moved around the city observing the lighting effect from a number of key vantage points which included one spot which was occupied by some stubborn local goats!

It was an incredibly interesting & valuable trip and we’re looking forward to sharing more details of the project as it takes shape.