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Light and Sound Immersion

Posted by Heather Allen on 19 Jun 2015

Going to a gig is all about being immersed in the music and the environment.  Being swept up in the moment, music blearing in your ears and beats rumbling through your soul dragging you away from the hum-drum of everyday life.  Well, not much has changed on that front, but with the advances in technology it is not just the music that is able to transport you, but the lighting too.  This was brilliantly demonstrated at Eric Clapton’s recent concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

Set within the intimate setting of the historic auditorium it would appear that there is not much you can do to transform the space into one fit to host one of the rock and blues legends of British history.  Well, that was until it all got underway.

 With the advances in modern lighting technology, the audience became a screen on which to project colour, light and moving textures to magical effect. 

The backdrop of impressive organ pipes set within the historic architecture was used to best effect as a screen for projecting images from the stage, or moving light and shadow patterns. The impression of an abstracted artwork provided a backdrop to shards of light slicing through the shadows to illuminate the main event.

A truly consuming night of music befitting a legend celebrating his 70th birthday.