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Residential and Hospitality

Posted by Sally Storey on 18 Jun 2020

In the past, hotels would be the inspiration behind many residential projects. However, there has been an evaluation of residential designs inspiring hotels and it is a fascinating combination!

Hotels Inspire Residential                                                Residential Inspire Hotels

Private Chateau, France                                                St Regis, Rome

As you can see in the chateau image, there are lights either side of the bed, just as in the image of a bedroom in the beautiful St Regis Rome. The collection of artworks above the bed in the second image could almost be a private collection in a home. The chandelier creates the ambience while the lamps produce a similar effect in the private chateau. Accent lighting is directed to the little deep recessed stone, enhancing the texture. There are definite similarities between the residential and hotel projects.

Private Residence, London                                           Treehouse Hotel London

Uplights were specified behind the bed heads in both projects.  The Treehouse Hotel London provides the feeling of a child’s bedroom with the Paddington bear. The backlight provides a soft ambience and softens the bare filament sources which would typically be too harsh on their own. The detail underneath the floating seat by the window could be found in a typical home. These layers of light are essential in achieving the right blend. The rooms both have reading lights, again similar effects but two very different projects.

Private Chalet, France                                                     Heckfield Place, Hampshire

You can hardly tell which is the hotel and which is the home. The bathroom in the chalet almost looks like a hotel suite, and I believe this is where the inspiration came from. Uplights were placed to the wooden panelling, lighting up the sloping soffit. Linear light in the shower niche and the uplights around the bath to create a candlelight effect.

Another traditional free-standing bath in the Heckfield hotel with the focus over the vanity unit. Good bathroom lighting with wall lights either side and a night light concealed behind the stand. It is very difficult to identify, which is the hotel, and which is the home. Both equally influence each other.

Private Residence, London                                           St Regis, Florence 

I love the idea of playing with light and shadow. Corridors and circulation areas give you this opportunity. On the left, there are wonderful uplights on the brick texture. The focus is on the statue and picture with shadow in between. On the right, St Regis Florence, the artwork is lit and the wall lights and table lamps create the ambience. Creating a lovely space almost like an art collectors house, you would not think it is a hotel; it gives you a residential quality. 

Private Chalet, France                                                   Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street, London

A living room in a chalet and a lobby in a modern London hotel, both with contemporary furniture. The focus was created in the centre with ambience lighting from the lamps. Drama is created throughout both spaces. 

Private residence, London                                             Four Seasons Astir Palace, Athes

Carefully lit shelves in both images. The seating areas are comfortable with a feeling of intimacy in both areas. Creating little environments within larger spaces in both residential and hotels.

Private Spa, London                                                      The Lanesborough Club & Spa, London

The private spa has a continuous soft light at the top, giving a glow down the stone walls. Small uplights by the corridor, almost like candles, lead you into the spa. Dramatic downlights are directed to the end of the lounge. By contrast, in the Lanesborough spa, the continuous uplight is at lower level lighting up the ribbed walls. The same effect is repeated behind the lounge chairs. A scalloped effect is used on the panels, which highlights the hooks to hang your robes.

Private Chalet, France                                                    The Edwardian Hotel Spa, Manchester

Lighting can completely transform the texture in a room. Playing with this texture, light and dark can produce beautiful effects. On the basement level of the chalet, there are stone textured walls with light glazing across the surface, keeping the ceiling clear. The uplights catch on the timber ceiling. Mirrors were placed to trick the eye to make the pool seem infinite. The Edwardian Manchester Spa has soft uplights behind the timber, emphasising the texture. These techniques are used seamlessly throughout, whether in a private or a hotel spa.


Recent hotel projects have more of a residential feel, making the hotel a beautiful place to stay in!