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Signal Light Festival

Posted by Charlotte Svenson on 7 Nov 2017

SIGNAL Light Festival Prague

12th-15th October 2017

Signal is a Festival of videomapping and light art, showcasing 20 different light installations from artists from the Czech Republic and abroad. Set across the historical centre of Prague within the streets and public places, including illuminating famous historical landmarks.

The best way to view these installations is to follow the map which illustrates a guided walking route through the city, this year divided into two routes, the Centre and Vinohrady.

This year there were 22 different artists from 10 different countries, some had successfully shown at other world festivals but half of the installations had not been seen before, produced from new and emerging artists.

Here are three of the highlights from my wanderings.


MULTIVERSE - 3D videomapping on the façade of Tyrs’s house by Barcelona’s artist Filip Roca.

Viewing the performance through 3D glasses Filip plays with the idea of parallel universes. Playing on our perceptions of space, time known physical laws, it twists the present to journey into the unknown.



BEYOND – Light tunnel within the Old Town Square by Barcelona studio Playmodes

Within the structural tunnel, Playmodes completely immerses the visitors within their installation, using sound and light to create the illusion of moving from one place to another without leaving the tunnel. They experiment with the relationship between space, time and human perception. 



CARYATYDS - Videomapping on the Church of St. Ludmily at Peace Square by French artist Yann Nguema.

Yann worked for four years to create his own software for this installation. The videomapping works with each of the (approximately 50,000) bricks that make up the façade of St Ludmily, to create the impression of these thousands of stones coming to life cascading and intertwining with characters infront of the viewers eyes.


The festival runs between 7pm and midnight over the four days.

The sixth Signal Festival will take place in Prague over the weekend of the 11th-14th October 2018.

More information at