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Posted by Lighting Design International on 24 Aug 2011

Following success of ‘Light Loves Frankfurt / London’,  GNI Projects presented a new concept under the title ‘Light Loves Kronach’ for Kronach Leuchtet.  The German lighting festival and picturesque town of Kronach, provided a perfect location for the second iconic heart.

Signature GNI criss-crossing lines rendered the heart shape perfectly at any viewing distance from 5 to 50m, with abstraction of form only occurring as the viewer moves closer or around the side.  As viewers move around the cage, various planes of light become apparent and the heart shape begins to break apart, before eventually exploding into meaningless slices, and finally returning to form from the rear.

GNI embraced the concepts success, despite technical issues, and would like to thank Kronach Creative.

GNI project is formed by a collective of three designers’ who share the same passion for design and desire to create new and intriguing multi-disciplinary objects, installations and imagery, including Graham Rollins, Associate at LDI, Nils Rigbers and Ingo Kalecinski.