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PLDC 2019

Posted by Lighting Design International on 30 Oct 2019

Location: Rotterdam 

PLDC stands for Professional Lighting Design Convention. The event was created for the global lighting design market to provide a platform to meet and learn about the latest developments in the industry.

I always value the opportunity to attend the PLDC; it is a great chance to learn what is new and developing in the industry and, of course, to re-connect with many old colleagues and friends!

The hot topic this year was climate change and how the lighting industry can work together towards lighting schemes with less or zero impact. I found it fascinating to hear the opinions of others on such a sensitive matter not only for our industry but for the world.

Compared to two years ago, when the convention was in Paris, I spent more time visiting manufacturers stands in between talks. I allowed myself time to explore, learn and discuss the new products and trends with the suppliers themselves — overall adding further value to my trip.

The topics discussed were focused on the everyday challenges we face and the type of projects we work on. It is always surprising how different talks can inspire you in unexpected ways and push you to new boundaries you hadn’t thought of exploring. The event reminds me how important it is to share these experience's not only with your colleagues but within the industry.

The icing on the cake was the spectacular light show at the Gala Dinner, which was such a fantastic surprise!

Text by Senior Desiger Arianna Ghezzi