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Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

Posted by Lighting Design International on 15 Feb 2017

Last month we visited and enjoyed the vast and unique light installations in Canary Wharf. Talented and innovative artists and designers, who represented four continents across the world, displayed their creations for free. Art lovers, families, young and old could interact with the art or watch as the light installations came to life while the sun set. 

On Your Wavelength, Marcus Lyall 

The interactive light sculpture is controlled by the participant’s mind via an EEG headset. The changes in their thought patterns control the music and create intricate light displays. 

Ovo, Ovo Collective 

When entering the installation you are surrounded by light and soundscapes. The form is based on a combination of 24 crossed spiral pairs based on the Golden Proportion that is present everywhere in the universe, from the DNA helix to the cyclical movement of the planets. 

Cathedral of Mirrors, Mads Christensen 

Pulses of light are sent through the 12 towering columns, which generates more light energy as more people congregate. They surround the viewers in a three-dimensional field of light making them part of the expression. 

The Haze Series, Max Patté

Max Patté was influenced by his own personal journey in New Zealand. The North Island's distinctive southern coastline and its constant tuning of colour and light captivated him and he began experimenting with the light genre. 

Images by our Senior Designer, Gavriil Papadiotis