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Lumiere London 2018

Posted by Lighting Design International on 24 Jan 2018

Lumiere London returned last week after lots of anticipation and we set out to explore the various light installations spread out over the city. Walking around the city from site to site we joined the crowds watching the lights transform the buildings, parks and surrounding areas.

For a few days London became a labyrinth of lights bringing back a feeling of anticipation and wonder, like a child immersed in an exciting adventure. Each installation interacted with its surroundings, playing with the eye of the viewers. In ‘The light of the spirit (chapter 2)’ at Westminster Abbey, technical wizardry washed sculptures and architectural features on the façade in rich coloured light bringing to your attention the minutest details you never noticed before.

[M]ondes by Atsara was situated in Mount Street Gardens behind Grosvenor chapel in Mayfair.

Following the crowd into the unlit park you discovered a subtle show of dancing specks of lights appearing and disappearing overhead.

The random patterns of lights looked almost natural as if they were living things.

Your eyes adjusted the dark after watching the show for a while revealing tangled strands of twisted wires which were catching the narrow beams of light projecting across the park which help to understand how the magical effect was created.

The event was a great opportunity to go out with your friends and colleagues and see something new and unexpected in the familiar.