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LDI expand their knowledge with a visit to Linea Light

Posted by Lighting Design International on 30 May 2024

As part of their commitment to keeping up to date with the latest developments in lighting technology, members of the LDI team recently visited Linea Light in Italy.

As part of the trip, LDI designers Hubert Poon and Luca Natali visited Linea Light’s architectural lighting production facilities in Conegliano. During this time, they were able to see Linea Light’s testing system, as well as the facility’s automated system that prepares the components to build the fixtures. The system then drops these into a bucket, ready to be assembled.

One factor that was evident on the visit was Linea Light’s dedication to sustainability. Within their factory, they have taken various measures to ensure that products are as sustainable as possible with all possible elements being recycled. This can be seen in with sorting machines that separate raw materials, such as metal chips, from the oil used to cool down the product after the manufacturing process.

It was encouraging to see how careful they are to not waste any product or component and that sustainability is at the forefront of their mind.

The visit also included a dark showroom where Hubert and Luca could see the full potential of the luminaires. Linea Light are collaborating with another manufacturing company to share the facilities such as plastic components that mould the fixtures. This speeds up the manufacturing process for them, which secures better lead times for clients.

Hubert and Luca were also able to explore the Linea Light R&D department, production and light village in Castelfranco. They took part in a lunch and learning session at the showroom, where all of the manufacturer’s products were on show. The showroom is continually evolving, and when a new product is released, the space is reworked to incorporate the latest solution.

To allow Hubert and Luca to enjoy the local culture, activities included lunch at Colmagro Wine Farm. Here they sampled local foods and were able to explore the history and artefacts of the venue, which has a rich heritage dating back to WW1. They also visited the Tomba Brion by Carlo Scarpa to explore the architecture.

Following the trip, Hubert and Luca are now better equipped when selecting solutions from the Linea Light range. They have cascaded these learnings to the team, allowing everyone to benefit from the opportunity. For clients, they can be confident that LDI is committed to ensuring every product they specify is carefully considered and explored before choosing it for a design.