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Posted by Lighting Design International on 11 Jul 2012

‘A Beautiful Sunset that was Mistaken for a Dawn’ (2012) by Sinta Tantra is nearing completion.  This painting spans both sides of the 150m wide bridge over Middle Dock that carries DLR trains between the Canary Wharf and Heron Quays stations. The painting is the first part of a new commission by Canary Wharf Group plc that will include a lighting scheme under the bridge by ourselves.

Sinta Tantra’s inspiration was gained through close attention to the environment there, including the natural elements, ever-changing light and the towering architecture, as well as observing how people interact with the place. She recorded a 24 hour time lapse sequence that showed the sunset and sunrise over the bridge. The palette she chose for her painting echoes this study: blues and greys that work well during the daytime and purples and pinks that work well at night-time.

Our lighting to the bridge has been designed to complement the artwork and provide a soft glow to the structure as shown above and below in our visualisations. The dynamic artwork will come to life at night with the use of movement through colour change RGB LED light projectors mounted to the underside of the bridge. The projectors will wash soft light across the bridge subtlely blending complimenting colours from each end of the bridge and slowly changing from early to late evening and different times of year.

In order to design the scheme to best effect, we set up a series of light tests to ensure the desired effect was achieved.  The final light test results are shown below using a single large colour change projector.  The coloured light applied to the bridge was carefully selected from colours in the artwork to give the impression of the artwork wrapping around the bridge.  We are now looking forward to seeing the whole project come together and see the finished result.


Look out for it on your next visit to Canary Wharf or to the Olympics.