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The Design Museum

Posted by Wei Lin on 28 Apr 2017

The opening of the new Design Museum has raised interest not only in the creative industry but also within the general public. It is truly inspiring to see such an increase of a refreshed curiosity for Design. 

The new site is a Grade II landmark from the 1960s re-developed by a design team led by John Pawson.

The most striking feature of the Museum is certainly the central atrium. When entering the museum, the visitors are welcomed into an openness which invites them to wonder around the many levels, walk in and out of the exhibits and never feel they are in a constricted cultural space so commonly felt in many other museums.The Museum becomes not just a cultural space but also a place where people can come purely to meet, sit and relax.  

The larger space means that the museum is now able to have a permanent design exhibition that all visitors can enjoy. It includes a comprehensive history of design spanning from construction, fashion, illustration and many others. All of these are essential in educating people on how design is ever present and indispensable in our daily lives. 


Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis