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Light Tests at Ham Yard

Posted by Lighting Design International on 7 Oct 2014

We completed work on Ham Yard Hotel earlier this summer after working on the project for a number of years. We created a unique and eclectic design which was a really fun and exciting project to design because the interior design and lighting evolved as the project progressed. The artwork throughout the hotel is imaginative and quirky, some of which is created by young up and coming artists.

For the feature wall at the back of the brasserie and bar, we carried out several mock-ups during the design process. One aspect of the design was to create a feature wall that visually linked the Bar to the Brasserie with several niches filled with softly glowing ceramic vases. We met with the artist of the art installation and tested different ways of uplighting the vases and decided the best way to light them was to use LED GLS lamps hardwired into each niche. The lamp cap and heat sink were sunken in the niche and the bottom of the ceramic vase was hollowed out and placed on top of the lamp. This solution created a soft warm light without a sharp cut off of light at the bottom of the vase.

We’re really happy with the end result as the warm effect helps to contribute to the soft ambient light in this area that changes throughout the day and night. I can highly recommend visiting the Bar at Ham Yard to see the installation and have a tasty cocktail or an ice-cream sandwich while you’re there!