Studio Frantzén London

Location: London

Architect: Woods Harwick 

Interior Deign: Joyn Studio

A rich lighting scheme with highly integrated and adaptable lighting. As well as the warm linear led throughout, colour-tuneable LED was introduced to harmonise with the changing daylight. Using high-colour rendering LED, precise optics, glare control and meticulous dimming of the lighting brings the Nordic design alive. Bespoke fittings were developed for the atrium chandelier, mezzanine sconces and terrace festoon system. One of the key challenges was to balance the lighting throughout the space. Dramatic focus creates the correct ambience day and night across the restaurant, despite varying effects of daylight, use of spaces and architecture. Entering the store you are instantly transported from retail to fine dining. The lobby is a sanctuary from shopping, leading to the perfectly dimmed intimacy of the bar, before the magnificent double-height atrium. 

Photography Credit: Andrew Beasley

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